Hi i started a weekend project of tablet.In that should be a 10 tablets and 1 table on lamp.Just a little exsicise of texturing and modeling and lighning
I have finished the tablets and ther texsture

Hi there,

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to achieve with these but I will offer some thoughts if I may. First of all, if you are trying to portray drugs, they generally come in six forms in my experience. Regular tablet with a rough powdery surface, caplet (capsule-shaped tablet, smooth), capsule (plastic-type shell with powder inside), soluble (dissolve in water), chewy (kind of like sweets) or suppository (rectal insertion). Also they are usually a single color - often white - with the exception of capsules which are made up of two halves which are often different colors.

The first thing I notice about your pills is that you have a very strange colorization going on and the specularity is very high. Normal pills are not glossy, only capsules are. You should probably experiment with adding noise textures such as a cloud texture scaled very small to add grain to the tablets and turn down the specularity unless you want them to look plastic. Also if you wish to include the logo on them, you should probably map it to the normals instead of color channel and try to make it look indented. Most tablets have any markings on them simply embossed, with the exception again of capsules and sometimes suppositories some of which have info printed on them in black.

Again I don’t know what you were aiming for, but just wanted to offer some help :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project.

Thank you i´m trying to fix those points
Look the 17 tablets

I´m trying to make them i dont know the thread titel is a miss i wanted to make tablets.I want to make the tablets whit and the logo pressed in side the surface.
.With the nois i could make that kind of texture

I try to fix thes problems

i think you should use a material with a little bit of specular, and a cloud procedural for the bump(nor) play with the scale to achieve the roughness. Render with aprox ambient occlusion or yafaray to achieve realistic look. Good luck.

…lol. Could do with a few of those when I’m away from the computer, and . . . . my favourite program - Blender! Looking good, and yes, I believe in artistic freedom.

Thank you but i try to finish the modeling and it tomorrow.I have made new tablets new shape.:slight_smile:

Haha, i like the first render, blender drugs, but i dont think we need those, we are already “addicted” to blender. but uh the second render look pretty good

But you do need something to help cope when you have to be away from blender for a while.

Haha good one! Totally right!