Drum Set

I just started to work on this project, I have the symbols nearly finished I just need to texture a brand name onto them. I am working on the base drum right now. here is what I have so far:

looking forward to this one…
maybe you can also post wires in the future

the hardware will be more exciting, do you plan to make a kind of cymbal rack?

I am going to be modeling it somewhat off of this drumset: http://www.ludwig-drums.com/content/products/maple/l8226em.php

Heres another update:


The cymbals texture looks very good except that on actual cymbals, those lines are actually tiny ridges. Maybe map it nor as well?

Don’t get me wrong, though, it’s looking great.

They do have nor on, so I will make it more noticable though.

Here is an update, do the cymbals look better?

Started coloring the base drum.


Yes, that really did the trick, at least for me. And I really, really LOVE the color on the bass drum. And the modeling is fantastic, especially noticable with the lugnuts/recievers. It looks awesome.

You know what would be rad? If you used a black-alpha-0-to-white noise texture (using the texture color ramp) and mapped it only to color nor (only slightly), and then took the color slider down barely so it looks like it’s got those sparkles underneath.

Kinda like this: click

That would look amazing.

Of course, this only works if you want that glossy, shiny look. You may want to stick with what you have, because it looks amazing, too. It’s just two different types of paint jobs, so you can decide which one you like best.

I havent got the color right but here are two new pics:



the toms/floor tom have had a few updates (minor) since these pictures but when I get the color right I will post them.

the legs for the kick drum should be at the front, not in the middle.

also the toms appear the same size, and are supported by struts that look too small.

I think that I moved them up after the last render and the toms are different sizes.

yes, traitor is right.
the bass drum feet must be at the front and the slugs of the toms are too tiny.
It’s better .not. to take the slugs from the bass drum and make them just smaller.
The bass drum hole also could also be a bit bigger.

And the tom holders should get more weight, these look like they’d break under a hard stick stroke :eek:

The cymbals and the bass drum look both very nice, I like it (but nevertheless you should change some details)

Awful color by the way :smiley:

Please don’t think I wanna be mean, I just want to help! :slight_smile:

Looks like a great start!!!

If your intrested in animating it, give me a shout… I have been playing with some midi drum -> IPO stuff over here…



Please don’t think you had to implement that color idea; it was just a suggestion. The color you had before was really, really cool, too. But if you’re trying to do what I was talking about, just take the specularity and hardness way up.

I was originaly going to try and do that :wink:

Nice model, try adding a bit more specularity to the drum material.
As a drum player, i think your doin a good job(a few minor details that have already been mentioned). Good luck!