Hi there,

It has been a long time since I posted here…

Anyways, last weeks I was busy creating a Drumkit (XL), and this is the result. C&C are welcome!

Very nice work. I’d say put it all more together, that’d make it a nice whole. Ow…and loose the floor texture…

drummin on the beach …awsome.
good work but the cylinders can be a bit more reflective

Cylinders are…? Bekkens in Dutch?

cylinders…cmon. You know what that is.

Really nice!

http://chuzzy.250free.com/drums.bmp those are what I meant by cylinders my… bad

doh, no hotlinking:p

Update time! Increased the reflectiveness of the cylinders (Of what the cylinders are in my opinion), and added 7 troms.

EDIT: Damn forgot the shadow… Will update soon.

http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/5710/drumsde5.png (cylinders) lookin good… like the addition and reflectiveness… exactly what I meant

Thanks :slight_smile: Here’s the updated version, WITH the shadows :wink:

EDIT: If you find some errors, please report them and I’ll fix them.

cool!~:) Now all you need to do is model someone that can play it

No problem. I could try to remodel my good old robot again.

EDIT: Or I could just make floating sticks ^^

Neat modeling. :slight_smile: You could work the lights a bit more I think. And for gods sake, get rid of that flat wanna-be beach texture. :wink:

I’d like to see a clay rendering (global illumination/ambient occlusion and no materials) of this if possible. :slight_smile:

Your cymbals stick out like a sore thumb to me, use HDRI lighting and all the shiny parts of the drum should look MUCH more realistic.

They’re called Cymballs. Maybe that’s what you meant?

Whatever, see pic in post #9. :smiley:


  • great work by the way, a robot playing on the beach would be sick (my new desktop btw)

I’m currently rendering a new version of the drumkit. Instead of a sandy beach a wooden floor, and I’ve chosen a sky texture for HDRI Lightning. I just saw a “preview”, and it looked mighty fine :slight_smile:

You were right… Looking better now :slight_smile:

I could try to remodel my good old robot again.
Reminds me of Animusic: