Well, my original plan was to create something like that. Unfortunately, my old disk crashed, were all my .blend-files + movies were. :frowning:

Ok - i’m going to be a bit critical here - sure it’s a great drum kit but who has arms long enough to play all those drums? Myself I’d seperate all of the congas off as a seperate rig for a percussionist.

edit- just read your last post. that was a bit tactless, I’m sorry.

Uh, that’s cymbal with one L.
The sand texture makes this look like the first Unreal Tournament.
You can use textures for the cymbals to make it look more real.
And they’re usually been hit like crazy so some bumps won’t be bad.
The kit itself could use more detail, screws and such.
And a good woodtexture for the rim.

What’s a rim? :o

the rim is the raised bit round the edge of the skin of the drums. They’re usualy crome. Conga’s (the tall black drums) don’t have them as they are traditionaly played by hand and rims would hurt your hands.

Uh yeah o_0.
Think I meant what’s underneath the rim.
The rounded wooden case, usually has a nice texture to it.

I see what you mean. Will change that. Was meant to be silver-colored, but when I think about it now, wood will be nicer :slight_smile:

so no more drummin on the beach huh?

  • oh well keep up the good work

Ok. especially for you I’ll make a render with beachsand :wink:

decent start.
the cymbal bells should be a lot rounder and less prominent. the drums seem to be mounted on music stands that are in fact holding the drum by impaling the bottom skin. throw some real hardware on that, go to drum manufacturer websites such as www.pearldrum.com for reference to drum mounting gear. and from a setup/layout point of view, all those stands would be a nightmare, itd be much easier with a rack system with clamps and mounting arms. the rims should be much thinner and flanged, theres no lugs or screws to hold the rims in place. the legs for all the stands seem to be cast in one piece, check out the way drum hardware usually folds up. the cymbals will fall over at the slightest breath of air, expand those legs and thicken up those stands. to get to the point, look at some reference pics and try to understand how everything works, youll get a much more realistic model that way. great start, modelling a drum kit is tedious as hell, especially when trying to replicate each detail, ive havent gotten around to ever finishing one.
throw some bump maps on the cymbals: cymbal production involves heavy lathing and hammering to get each distinct sound, and it would reflect the environment more. work on your light set up too, right now its very hard to see detail in the shadows, play around with different setups.
sorry for writing this much and being so picky, its just because im an avid drummer myself and have tried modelling a kit before. obviously, if realism isnt your goal, disregard everything ive written here, rules are out the window. should look awesome when its done though!