Drummer 3D 1.0 (Released)

Drummer 3D is a free drum kit simulator, featuring a 4 peice set. You can play this anytime you want on your desktop, or laptop wether you want to learn the drums, come up with some new beats or if you just want to have a raz on a drum kit without buying one, this is the perfect program for you!

Downloads available here!
Watch Video!
.blend coming soon!

Hey guys I’ve finished 1.0, it doesn’t have all the features I was planning on so watch out for later versions!


Was it too hard to throw some bronze textures on those plates and some simple textures on the rest? What about a decent environment …
Why do you need Credits? To fill your ego up abit as if you have done the greatest game in the world. Dont give up but try making something really complete this is more like pre alpha demo trial :smiley:
Nice modelling skills but give something more out of you, why dont you add some reverbed versions of the drum samples so the player can then choose if he wants to play with reverb and so…

over 40 megs?

i don’t think that the priority is the enviornment, you should work more on the textures, materials, add some band logo, now they look like clay meshes. interesting [email protected]!

By environment i just mean some simple cool background image even a sky would look cool :wink:

Looks nice from the videos, but I need a Linux download… :spin:

Oh, for crying out loud…

The .blend file is in the .app folder, right out in the open!

Just open the .blend and play the game. It works great on Linux.

Edit: BTW, this is a really cool project, FibreFilms. Thank you for sharing. :smiley:


Very creative, looks like fun. Well done!

Oh :yes:

My bad, thanks.

Ok, played it now, great!

Your meshes are very blocky, and here’s your problem.

Go into edit mode > W > remove doubles (to all the meshes)

I just removed over a thousand polys in a few minutes. Then set everything smooth, it looks a lot better :wink:

Hey guys thanks for the feedback, this is my first 3D game, and to be honest i’m prettey chuffed at 28 downloads already! I’ve got a couple of video projects going on at the moment so I won’t be able start work on 2.0 for a little while but I was thinking I could have a Guitar Hero kinda thing going on where you have to copy the beat, but thats a little way off. If anyone has some good ideas for features I could put in 2.0 then let me know.

Looks cool! I deffinatly agree that you should add textures to the drum set though (including some reflection on the bronze). Also that would be awsome to add a character playing though I realize that is alot of work. Good luck on 2.0!

Don’t know if this is too old to ask this…
First off I want to say that this is probably the best drum simulator I’ve seen. It’s wonderful!
Second I was wondering you were going too add more to it. If you do you should add double bass drum and some splash symbols so us metal heads can make some kick ass drum solos!
Also once you finish with the drums maybe you could make a guitar simulator. Now that would be EPIC!
Great work dude!
(Sorry if this is to old for a bump)

A guitar sim would be awesome!

I’m waiting for blender 2.5 to be fully released before i start 2.5, and yes I should be able to add a splash, and double bass drum, but it’ll have to be after i finish 2.0 to start on other instruments. Thanks for the feedback!

Its really good thing i know about this very well.tell me is it new version has launched in market or not.

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