Drumroll: First Head

3 Years and i fainally put off my procrastinattion and made my first head.
here it be: please help identify any geometry/proportion/just looks wrong problems that you can see… I’m having particular trouble with the lip and cheeks. the chin also has been a subject of some grumbling.


yes, I realize it’s wings and not blender, but i hope i can be forgiven for such trespass. what can one do?

You weren’t really clear on what you were going for.
Were you trying to make a “photorealistic” type female or male head?
It looks a little strange now - a bit like an alien or perhaps the start of a child’s head.

The fore head area looks a little strange - sloping back a little too much and the raised central area also on the fore head. The top lip looks a bit thin. Also, the eye brow area perhaps needs a bit more definition.

Pretty good start though.

I have to say, that’s pretty wicked for a frist head attempt!!! :wink:

Just for s#hits and giggles make a copy of the head, massivly srink the nose or loose it all together, and elongate the head. I think that would make a wicked alien, especially if you made it’s skin glow slightly like the ones from the movie Cocoon.

But its your model and you probably have plans for it… hehe :wink:

Good job!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

remember to make the edge loops follow the shape of the muscles around the mouth. you’ve done a pretty good job around the eyes, but the mouth and chin need work. look at some reference pics at www.fineart.sk , they have an anatomy section too.

I’m goin for a feamale head that’s as accurate as possible.
no time to work on it for the next week though.


fixed mouthuar geometry and made loops instead of crap there

added ears

defined upper lip a bit more, tried to fix lower lip, brows, fixed lumpy ridge on brainium.


the fixing and the poking

again and again.

closed eyes so they don’t look bug-eyed,
fixed chin ugliness
shortened head slightly and removed too-large brain.

any other tips for improving the head, since I’d like to move on to the bigger body.


the lips should be fuller IMHO, and bring the neck forward so that she doesnt look like shes peering ahead so much…

What is it with you blender boys and girls?
I see so many heads in all kind of forums and almost 90% of them are realy ugly.
Tell me, why is everybody making such ugly heads, or do you all live on an other planet? :-?

Most of the human heads posted here are umperfect because there are few things more difficult to model than that.

THis in particular needs some work still, some front - side views would help in pointing out imperfections.



You might at least tell me why its ugly, scotch…

Most heads look much too plasic and not natural.
Even great modellers working with specialized programs like maya have problems with humans.
So, buy a good camera, chroma bleu paint and create a world in Blender so you can take a walk with real persons in selfmade world. :slight_smile:

Ok, now I can comment!

1st: nose is too small, I mean, it’s wide enough, but not long enough, furthermore it is too protuding… You should keep the tip and push cheeks and nose base backwards. Have a look at your sister/mother/wife/girlfriend from side :slight_smile:

chin is long (well, that’s a problem for my head too :wink: ) and tooon the back. After all your head is too close to a sphere.

Ears looks modeled in side view, they are on a plane parallel to side view. Normal ears tends to be wider apart on back. Lower part of the eaer is too long and upper too short.

Interior of the ear is pretty well modeled.

I think that my crit can be summarizad as -> make her less spherical!


nice ears!! :o


tried to adress most of the issues you raised s68… still having trouble deciding where to place definition on the cheekbones.

I can’t help thinking the ears are a little too far back.