Drums Set Starter Pack

Just the shell pack for now, but it’s better than some of the free ones I found. It will be used later for a music video. Let me know what you think so far.

Oh yeah! I forgot. I can’t seem to make the wood texture 2-sided. the heads on the toms are supposed to be alpha 0.0, but they just turn out black. Any ideas?



Hey there, good start! Not sure if you are a drummer, but if not there are a few things that stand out to me. Firstly most drummers don’t have so many toms. However if they did, there would be more of a difference in size between them. The size of the tom directly relates to the pitch of the drum, and you don’t usually want to have drums that are so close in pitch to each other (or you could just hit the same drum 4 times instead). Also, the upper toms need to be angle down toward where the drummer is sitting. The floor toms seem to be the same size as each other. Again, if a drummer had 2 floor toms they would be different in size. I would make the back floor tom 10-15% larger as the most common size is bigger than what you have there (imho).

For the material issues you are having, does the wood drum mesh have a thickness or is it just an extruded circle? Are you using raytraced or ztransparency for the drums skins? The wood grain texture seems a little stretched and little too low detail as well. Hope this helps. Cheers.

Well, even 1 ply uncoated reso heads aren’t completely transparent, and usually have a slight texture to them. (Think a bit of procedural noise on a bump map.) That’s for a snare resonant head though. What you probably want on top (for the toms) are mostly clear, but you should consider adding some text on them though- looks really weird with out it. That’s probably because I’m a drummer though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am a drummer, and yes the heads are sometimes flat. for a 9-piece set, there is very little difference in size of the toms. The heads are simply alpha zero just for testing purposes and to clear ambiguity of glare or reflection. I realize they have textures. The shells are extruded cylinders. Maybe I’ll try adding an internal material.