just thought i would show my first pic. dont like saying its my first but it has to be done :stuck_out_tongue:


  2. VERY cool drumset!

nice, except for the lighting

www.photobucket.com nice work :wink:

jikes, is it so blurred or is that my monitor? you’ve probably compressed the jpeg a bit too much.


Nice modelling, bad colors (actually only yellow is too yellow), horrible render.

Umm, I see this is your first post. For a start it’s very very good, as I said, nice modelling, but work on those other two things.

Good stuff. Maybe a little to much gaussian blur on there???



bad link

  1. Nice drums, cool details.
  2. A bit too blurry.
  3. Next time, don’t use Paint to save JPEG
  4. Don’t use geosh*tties
  5. The cymbals should be shinier and er…less yellow than that.

That about sums it up.

The cymbals need to be a more copperish color.

I agree, dont use geocities, use www.apieceofstring.com/blender/imageupload.php
images will be at

On with the picture,
This is a great scene, especially for a first one.
You are getting a decent camera angle (though I would recommend using the rule of thirds, works every time)
Rule of thirds:
Divide the picture into thirds:

|      |      |      |
|      |      |      |
|      |      |      |

Where these lines intersect, put the points of action or interest in the picture. This is where the eye jumps to first.

It doesnt ahve to be exact, just roughly right.

This is not always the best, but it usually helps.

The rotated camera angle is pretty funky, stops the image looking like an amateur photo.

Good detail and composition, but you need to work a bit more on the lighting, it looks fine, but try experimenting with different lighting, different colours. Light orange on one side and light blue on the other can look really good.

Keep it up,

thank you for such a quick responce

getting thread to top :slight_smile:
so you see up date

Looks pretty.

But you need to work on a few things.

  1. Lighting

  2. Add some chrome

  3. The rims of the drums look too fat.

  4. The stool and bass drum looks too cracked and shiny.

  5. Sticks are too short and fat.

  6. The tiling of the floor looks wrong. :x

Hope this hopes. :wink:

Show us an update soon.

  1. could you be more specific than “lighting” :slight_smile:
    2.there is chrome?
  2. done that on perpose base drums twice the size it should be so are the toms wanted an extra large drum set
  3. i like the tilling :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I just realised. You said this is your first image. :o

Never read that before.

Thats excellent. My first image was a retarded cube and a window. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lighting - Add a few more low-light lamps around the kit.

Chrome - Add more. I can bearly see any. Drum kits are known to be well polished. Yours looks kinda like plastic. :frowning:

Got another update yet?

it is my first but ive been working on this for months withs pics inbetwen so i learn more then i go back to the pic
heres some link to origanl
its not that technical only used planes and circuls

upate soon
its a 5 hour render time :frowning:

looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into this. I like the translucent skins on the toms - looks nice. Also like all the details. The cymbals need some work. It would be good if you could fiddle around with the color and texture settings for them - more of a shiny copper finish perhaps? Also some of the hardware looks too chunky - like the rims and the tensioners. Don’t like the stool - too shiny/bumpy imo. Overall nice work.