YYIIIHAAA!!! Finally I rendered out my first FINISHED image.
It´s a part of an anmiated music video I´m working with. I know the toms lack some glossiness though I set it up to be VERY glossy.
Crits are welcome



But where are the bass pedals?

The cymbals could use some tarnish and be a lot less reflective. Make them look a little used. Also, add the turning grooves to the cymbals as well. I have never seen a cymbal that smooth.


That’s looks very good to me. The only crits I have are the material of the cymbals (doesn’t look like metal - colour and surface structure) and the missing highlights/reflections on the black parts of the drums (you mentioned it before).

The lighting is overshoot but I like that. Good work so far.

Yeah, will fix the cymbals right away. The base pedals will be attatched to the drummers feet. It sounds weird but it will make the modelling/rigging/animation easier…I hope. The drummer wont be able to walk (poor him). I had a vision of making his feet/pedals move with sliders.
And also, your right, the kit has to look more used. It´s too new.

looks really beautiful :o

only the cymbals need some kind of texture.

great drums, realistic metal texture - i like it, nothing to tell…

to get that tarnished effect on the cymbals add the wood ring texture. Make the rings barely a different color than the cymbal and that should be good.

HDRI will make it look so much better.

LOL, @ner I was about to say that until I scrolled and saw your post!

Nice instruments, and for cymbol glossiness, any textures that makes a subtle spot effect in a round fashion would work.

Nice drums. Are they modelled after a specific line?

Cymbals aren’t usually smooth. I’ve never seen a smooth cymbal, actually, especially one that has been used. Some have circular grooves, some have circular indentions, and some have both. You could model it for the best effect (since it will affect reflections) or you could possibly get away with using a bumpmap, though it wouldn’t stand to the quality you’ve made everything else at. Whatever you do, you can’t leave them all that way. Every drummer I’ve met uses a variety of cymbal types. One drummer I had used 3 cymbals for the same purpose (ride - the huge one) because he had one that was hand-hammered, one that was merely grooved, and one that was a crash/ride (smaller radius).

Check it out. It will seem like I don’t know what I’m talking about until you look at a close-up.

It really shouldn’t take long to model one properly, especially compared to everything else you’ve done there.

Gr8RedShark, yes they are modelled after a song I´m currently writing. A hard one.

shbaz, thanx for the link. I found alot of images for dirtmaps. I´m working hard to get it right now.

An update will be up soon.

In fact here is the first one. This one is purelly blender textured and without dirtmap. More to come.


Here they are textured with an image shbaz gave me the link to. Time to tune down the reflection.


Thanx to you guys I recieved this result. It´s (like the images above) rendered with Yafray. I will later try with hdri.


…absolutely great improvement!

Cymbals could be a bit more shiny - they look very used now ;).

looks very realistic.
good job

Exellent modelling, man!
I have drums of my own, and I would maybe add a wood texture to the drums, and add the IOR value. The drums reflection strecths the image horizontaly (longer/taller). I just looked at my drums. Great work! :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice render.

Oh… and you could make the toms’ and snare’s metallic parts that hold the heads a bit longer | o o o | or taller, depends on how you look at it. Right now they’re quite small. This would make them look stronger.