Drusilla (from Buffy) - mypaint+gimp

There is this scene from buffy that I liked, where Dru asked a dead bird why wouldn’t it sing to her, so I decided to draw it:

I’m relatively new to digital painting, this is my second “good” one actually. So I’d love to hear critics :slight_smile:
I painted it in MyPaint with Wacom Bamboo Fun.
Composited with the Gimp.
The cage was rendered in blender (array modifier FTW)

btw, this is the scene I’m referencing:

First the stuff I think you did well. First I think the Bird and cage are really good. The White Blouse is pretty good. The detail in the puffy sleave is good. The shading on the arm holding the object is pretty good. I like the hair. Now the critic is the neck the vein I believe that is what it is should start to not be nearly as visible at the top when getting close to the chin. I think the nose its like it is squished from left side to right side. Still pretty good.