Dry Paradise

Hello, This is my latest render, i try to aim at photorealism as much as possible so if you have any constructive commentary that can help me achieve my goal, please go on im listening.

here is three different version of the post process. my gf think there was too much light so i made a second version, and then another after because i was not satisfied. i don’t know which is better ?

and here again another post process, i really can’t decide

there was a huge contrast problem in my render that i didn’t know how to correct properly witouth the need of post process, changing the contrast and gamma didnt help… so i had to correct that on post fx. (used Photoshop)

this is the original render

and this is how i fix it, with a BW filter put on color to verify the contrast intensity.
the flatness was problematic as we can see.

This scene was quite a challenge… 25 000 000 polys due to some bought plants and photoscanned rocks models (i did decimate some and instance everything.)… i also used three micro displacement textures.
The vram was going up to 12 000Mo that drove me out of VRAM quickly. (2.5gig of displacement and a lot of optimized 4k textures) so in the simplify option in propreties, i just limit every texture to 2k and my problem was resolved (to 7500Mo).

and i had some technical difficulties… pre-rendering was inferno, calculating all the meshes and loading all the textures took forever. 40Gb of memory cache taken, impossible to do ctrl-z properly. (in this kind of situation you need to lower the undo step and auto-save in different name every two minutes i think.)


Very nice looking I think I like the first one the most, the brightness of the light draws your attention better.

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well it depend on people i think :confused:

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