DSC P30 camara WIP UPDATED 7/10

i think im about done working on it for the day since i got stuff to do… so i might as well post what i have so far, im using the actual camera as a ref since i own one :wink:
hopefully il update it tomorrow, maybe later tonight if i get some time


Well done.
nothing to comment here except that if you have a picture of the ref. object to compare.

i dont think this should ever be updated… its going no where and sucks to begin with… the only thing that looks good is blender’s grid lines

as for crits… why is it all gray? it could use ALOT better osa too… are you a newbie? osa is in the render window below “render” and why is the back half of the camera missing? i wouldnt buy this camera… i dont see any shadows either, make sure you use spotlights and turn “shadows” on in the render window too

other than sucking it looks okay

Yep, I agree 100% with blengine. Sucks donkey arses. I aslo agree that the gridlines are the best part of the image.

Nothing to crit, other than it sucks.

I think it would look even worse rendered in YAFray with textures, but that’s just my opinion.


give up now. it looks a little long, but its aa peice of crud as is, you might as well bin the whole thing.

:Z <-- am i authorised to us-e these? its my first time…

sweet camera btw! :slight_smile: dont listen to all these jackasses, it looks great so far, no crits really cept its unfinished :stuck_out_tongue:

shit i geuss i better just quit making graphics, im obviously wasting my time with it due to my undisputable suckiness, i geuss ill just stop posting my pathetic works here :expressionless:

Man, why you all (Blengine, GFXIdiot"Idiot is right" and BgDM) being such ass holes. That is very good work. I think this is work in progress forum, It obviosly is not a completed work yet, But I guess the obvious is not obvious to you three. It is pretty sad when long time users like yourselfs think that remarks like that are funny. Positive criticism is a good thing, but remarks like that only reflect on your own character. As far as his work, looks like its a really great start. Very good modeling. Looks real good. As far as you three, either put up, or shut up, lets see what your working on right now, and let us give our opinion on it. You all are not that good to say something as cruel as that. I get tired of seeing posts such as yours, with nothing constructive to say, he certainly spent alot of time on that project, and most likely pretty proud of what he has accomplished to this point. Your remarks are pretty harsh, and could really be hurtful. So, HA! HA! thats really funny, why dont you all think a little, before you let your fingers type on your keyboard. Jeez Man, you guys are really sad!!!


:o :o :-? :expressionless: :expressionless:


i think i should apologize on behalf of all those who posted above myself

we were just joking around being, well, smacktards. we are all merely jealous of your fantastic image PILER, its really good. im sorry that no one else took it in jest, thats what it was intended for.

my apologies


lol chief! its nice you can dive into a topic with such strong insulting words when you assume piler isnt a friend to all of us that commented =)

for your info, me and piler are good friends, even went to school together, and we’ve been around the blender community a while, do you by any chance remember masta in the blender.nl days? :wink: thats was team piler/blengine :slight_smile:

i already commented on how much i loved the camera to piler over aim, so rewriting it here would be nothing new, so i disguised it in a lil sarcastic humour which ive done before and shawn(piler) is not a stranger to(hes even done it to me!) :stuck_out_tongue: he knows, we know, you now know… how you think we could be such assholes as to write " the best part is the blender grid" without it being a joke is totally beyond me! hehehe you must really hate us all :wink:

gfx, no need to apologize, piler knows and even joined in… chief was the only one left out of this joke =)

yeah, i guessed, but i kinda had to make it clear to everyone else.

hehe, its sort of funny…

Hey blengine, sarcasm doesn’t work well on the internet. You need to use this… :wink:


The camera looks very nice - the only crit I’d have so far is that the lens doesn’t look like a lens. At least from that angle, it looks more like a bubble/pillow shape, when it should have a more consistent curve, like a segment of a sphere

tell me I’m not the only one to “MMB” and try to turn it for a better view…

lol broken!

haha, i didnt on this one, but i do all the time whe i make my own screenshots and paste them in paint shop pro :slight_smile:

Excellent modelling. Looks just look like it. (well the front anyway). :slight_smile:

hmm… textures are a bit boring too.

and I disagree with Blengine here, I think the gray blender grid sucks! it’s sooooo typical. everyone have those. basic blender trick.

p.s. very precice looking modelling. waiting for updates.


heres a ref pic for anyone would like to see it
thx for the comments everyone… hopefully i can get some work done on this thing later today
edit: heres a gi render… i did real quick before i hadda go out :smiley:

ignore the non smoothed edges i had to leave so i didnt have time to set autosmooth to anything %|

Nice work. It is very detailed. Can’t wait to see it textured.

And to ndncheif, relax man. We do this from time to time around here. It’s all in fun. I know PILER doesn’t take it personally. And if he does, I know he would have the decency to blast me himself and then I would apologize.


I figured you all were probably friends, and you guys were just giving him a hard time. And I thought if that is true, I was really going to get it hard and heavy, and hear from you all. But then I thought, what if this guy is alone, an artist, who by only those few words, would be crushed and destroyed… So I went ahead and posted it anyway, against my better judgement…I just couldnt leave him hanging…Well, I will just chalk up my post as “Good intentions, Poor judgement” And I will walk back to my TEEPEE in shame…Though it is hard to walk with your foot in your mouth.

The NDN, OOPS!!!

all good.

youre still cool, ndnchief