DSL at last.

(VelikM) #1

I finally did it, I signed up for DSL service (256k). It’s so nice :smiley: no more broken connections and hangs when my dialup is broken.

(pofo) #2

Congrats to the big step

You’ll never be the same again :wink:

  1. pofo

(overextrude) #3

Lucky you. I’m still waiting for Qwest to get off its lazy posterior and fix some of the problems it created when trying to ‘economize’ in high-growth areas. Then there’s the whole question of why Earthlink and Qwest DSL are incompatible (they were the last time I checked). Have you ever tried to download an entire Linux distribution over a 56K line? It’s not fun. :o

(VelikM) #4

Yes I have and the OS X developers tools (231meg)…, no more waiting to use the internet because of a 20 hour download.

Your correct, I find I walk much faster now. :wink:

(rwv01) #5

Cool! Just be sure you have a firewall running. The “always on” conection means that hackers have much more opportunity to mess with your system. Especially if a web browser is open! There’s an initial period of time when you have to leave the modem connected so it can be “trained”
in order to reach the max speeds for your line. This is for about a month so my isp says. Then I think you can disconnect it if you want.

Here’s a place to test your speed and security. http://www.dslreports.com/stest

(Dittohead) #6

how do you get it in alaska!!!

i live in washington, and i still don’t get it.

(blengine) #7

oh thats way too cool! me? i love my 56k too much to EVER give it up! the blazing speed has captured my heart :stuck_out_tongue:

(TurboG) #8

It’s a big step up from 56k :slight_smile: I got cable :slight_smile: Now I don’t look at downloads as: Darn…another hour off the internet…i look at them as…well…somthing fast :slight_smile: lol

(VelikM) #9

Got lucky, they installed a new phone-trunk two years ago (the old trunk didn’t have the capacity for the area anymore), the new service was upgraded for DSL. Still no cable in my area though.

Ya, I hated to give up my 56k dialup, but made the sacrifice anyway :-?

(macouno) #10

download «278 kbps

upload «106 kbps

Apparently… thx for the link rmv :wink:

I’ve been thinking of upgrading… cause I want more upstream… any of us dutch folk have any experience with solcon? they seem to be the only ones providing adsl dsl and sdsl up to 2meg up and down!.. but are they any good??? (bloody expensive though)

And congrats on your connection!!! grand isn’t it? opens up a whole new wolrd.

(fullback) #11

Congrats VelikM.

I love DSL — when it works. Mine tends to motor along at blazing speed, then just stop. This happens regularly about every 3-5 minutes and the stoppage lasts for 30-60 seconds. Never occurs when I’m downloading something, only when I surf between web pages. It’s probably dropping packets, or possibly having issues with the operating system (Win ME).

It’s friggin driving me nuts. At least a 56k was reliable.

(joecool) #12

ONLY captured your HEART?
My 56k connection has captured my body, soul, and mind. In fact, we are thinking about moving our relationship up to the next step. She lets me in her Properties tab now, whaddya say about that? 8)

(Timonides) #13

(/me having tears in the eyes) Boohooohooohoooo!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

We don’t have DSL here yet… :frowning: :frowning:

I am miserable… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


(VelikM) #14

I haven’t had it long enough to know the long term reliability but so far it’s great. My old 56k dialup sucked, I had to redial/reconnect on the average of every ten minutes.

(paradox) #15

Yay glad to see you got dsl. I have cable and there is one problem with it. It has spoiled me, I’m thinking of moving back to Idaho and will have to go to dsl. One thing worse though my cousin lived with me for awhile got used to cable and moved back to Texas now he has 56 modem. He he should have stayed. Anyway glad to see you get more speed.

Alaska and dsl too what a great combination even better when you get cable.


(rwv01) #16

No problem.

Curious. I wonder if you would get different results if the speed test server was closer to you. The tests I’ve run say I get 648-651 down and 137-138 up. I’m located in the same state as the speed test servers.

Have you allowed your modem to be trained?
I was told that for the first month after you get DSL you should leave the modem connected so that technitions can test your line every couple of days and gradually bump up the speed until your maximum is reached.
(Is that right?)

What kind of speeds are other people getting?

(VelikM) #17

I tried the speed test link out:

2002-08-24 07:49:53 EST: 233 / 140
Your download speed : 233929 bps, or 233 kbps.
A 28.5 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 140080 bps, or 140 kbps.

My link is rated at 256k so this doesn’t look to bad. :slight_smile:

(macouno) #18

rmv I am in the netherlands using a completely different provider/package than you. According to my provider I should actually be getting 512 down… 128 up It’s just a slightly flexible thing… really depends on a lot of factors.

(joecool) #19

HA! that’s nothing! I download at about 3kbps, and upload at about 2kbps.
Take that DSL people!
man, get a 56k…geez…dsl…HA!