DSLR Cameras Vs. Camcorders?

I have an old camcorder, but the video quality is really bad. I may be doing some film work in the near future, and I’ve thought about purchasing a new camcorder. But do people still use camcorders, or do they just use DSLR cameras, which can take both high quality video and high quality photos, as opposed to just video. I know some camcorders can take photos, but the quality is nowhere near what you get from a DSLR.

For an amateur, is it a better options to just purchase a DSLR, or a camcorder?

IMHO, each is best for its original purpose. Not very comfortable to film with a Zweihänder :slight_smile: Most have no or low quality continuous AF. Limited clip size as well. Camcorders do have lower IQ, though, can’t take stills. Some exceptions do exist. Sony SLT- series, for example. They say, they do marvellous things with continuous phase autofocus. But beware, as these are not DSLR’s, rather, some hybrid, with an electronic viewfinder and a stationary translucent mirror, so -1/3 stop lightpower and poorly suited for manual focusing.
Would recommend SLT a65 or 77 if you wish to go for both uses. I, personally, will buy myself a Pentax K-5 (no video, but, possibly, the best cropped camera out there) as I don’t believe in multifunctional devices.

I use both professionally and bang for your buck DSLR wins hands down UNLESS you want to record something where you don’t cut, say for more than 12 minutes.

I use Canon product because before DSLR I used Canon products and own several thousand in lenses. If you look at the link on my signature you can see the Canon 7d rig I use. It has a shoulder harness, shotgun mic, and eyepiece. I also have several other rigs as well as an external monitor used when I shoot from a tripod.

If you are going to be shooting even semi professionally you will want multiple lenses and rigs. Expect to end up paying about $5K for a useful setup including some lights, stands, and reflectors.

Look up global shutter, as jello cam kills many good dslr images. Not so in video cameras.