DSW Chairs

I got really inspired by an awesome render by Snappycgi where he used a single red DSW chair in a very cool way. I tried to model this classic piece of furniture myself. :slight_smile:

Great Scene! … The only thing that catches my eye somehow is that little fold you put in the carpet, I think every photographer that went for a clean interior style like this would have either straightened that out or removed it in Photoshop afterwards. ^^ … Also the material of the lampshade seems a bit too grey towards the wall somehow? - Apart from that a perfect interior scene.

Thank you for your kind words and that you took the time to give some feedback :slight_smile: Maybe I went overboard with that crease. Im going to iron it out, or at least tone it down :slight_smile:

The same thing everybody does. Nothing special. I hope this clean white trend will be over soon.