Dual Camera for Elephants Dream


I hope I’m at the right spot here.
I’m currently developing a 3D-Video-Beamer at the university of Erlangen in Germany. We’d like to show the beamer at the long night of science. Now all I need is some descent material I can show. My first thought was using Elephants Dream, since it’s open source and legal to show. As far as I know the blender sources could be loaded
http://video.blendertestbuilds.de/download.blender.org/ED/DVD1/ here and
http://video.blendertestbuilds.de/download.blender.org/ED/DVD2/ here.

I would like to render Elephants Dream with two camera perspectives so I’ve got a nice 3D effect. I think I’ve got enough computer power since I would be able to use the university’s cluster. The only problem is: I never worked with blender.

Do you have got any tips on how to accomplish this project? Thanks in advance,


try searching the forums, there was already someone that wanted to do a similar thing. there were multiple suggestions