dual gpu Vram

i was looking for a gpu for blender cycles, and i came across with the gtx titan Z, with 12 gb of Vram but it is a dual gpu card, so my question is, in this case, will it work as a dual 6gb gpu for cycles or it will recognise as one 12gb card, I mean, the Vram is important when we talk about the size and complexity of what we can render on a gpu, so what is it??

That is nothing more than two Titans bolted to the same PCB. You are limited to 6GB.

well that’s disappointing,

Don’t get me started on the Titan Z. I’m the resident Nvidia Titan Z hater. I desperately wish that AMD would fix its issues with their cards so they would be a genuine alternative to Nvidia. Because OpenCL is finally building up steam and the best cards for OpenCL, AMD, are currently crippled by bad drivers.

i dont care about amd v/s nvidia wars, i just wanted to know if dual gpu are recognised as one or 2 gpu by blender cycles xD

This isn’t so much a war between companies as a state of affairs that is causing technological and price stagnation. Because of the way things are, we spend more and get less. Good example, Nvidia has prevented OEMs from selling a 780Ti with 6GB of memory because they want to force people to buy the Titan.

well at least we have the 6GB gtx780 non ti, its obvius that they dont want a 6gb gtx780ti if you consider the fact that the titanz its a gtx780ti with 6gb

Certainly true, and the new overclocked 780 cards perform incredibly close to the 780Ti. That new STRIX card is very tempting.