dual gpu

Hi all,

I am new blender user, just wondering will blender take advantage of having 2 different GPUs in the same machine?

I ask because I am testing out switching over from 3ds max to Blender and thinking of getting another Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 card to add to my existing card.


Should work. But make sure you have a power supply that can handle both first.

Will work for the final render, yep. You can even throw in your CPU thanks to the newest changes.
Viewport rendering/shading still only works with one gpu, though.

Just note that when you do it, make sure multicard / sli enhanchements in the nvidia settings are off… this slows down the final render.

Also recommend getting the latest version of blender off builder.blender.org and use small tile sizes (around 64x64 or 128x128)