Dual Mini Monitor

Hey all,

I’ve got myself a mini USB monitor, (a Samsung, but it’s the same as the cool D-Link or Mimo monitors). It’s great for putting tool palettes from Photoshop or Illustrator away from the main monitor. My question is about Blender (2.53 in this case) - is it possible to have 2 active windows in Blender, or do I just have to increase the Blender screen until it populates both screens?


You can drag out separate windows by holding down Shift and dragging the small arrow to resize/ merge windows, or you can press Ctrl+Alt+W to create a new window.

By the way you can only have one active window, you’ll need to click on the inactive window to activate it, but it’s really not a big problem.

I was thinking that it wasn’t going to work too well, but I followed your advice (press shift while resizing any window within Blender) and a new window pops out. I resized this window down, and turned it into a preferences window. Now I can have only my 3d viewport(s) on my lovely 24" screen!!! Great!!!

Thanks very much for the help, much appreciated.