Dual monitor, Nvidia "DualView" mode performance

I recently upgraded my graphics card and added a second 14" monitor.

When I run Blender with just my main monitor active it runs fine.

When I run in “Dual View” mode with the second monitor as a seperate display Blender is pretty sluggish.

If I use the horizontal spanning option Blender runs fine again but both monitors have to be running at the same resolution for this mode, so I’m limited to 1024x768 (max res of the smaller monitor).

I’ve been through the nview properties looking for things to tweak but nothing has helped so far. Is anyone else using Blender in dual view mode with displays at differing resolutions?

My graphics card is a 128mb Asus V9520 (Nvidia Geforce FX 5200). My main monitor normally runs at 1280x1024.

you have a dual head card right?

well anway, most graphics cards [with more than one head] don’t like to have both accelerated at once, it is a bit finnicky

however, at least with ati it seems to work okay with the more recent drivers
[there are glitches not apparent when blender is just on one monitor however, but usually they are not an issue]

so, my next questions are:
have you tried the latest drivers?
have you tried 16 bit color and various other display settings?

[I haven’t been fortunate enough to play with a nvidia dual head card]

it is possible you’re out of luck in the current blender release however, it wouldn’t surprize me if the drivers required that for both displays to have hardware accleration they would need to both have their own gl context [blender window essentially]

Yep it’s a dual head card.

I’m using the latest drivers from Nvidia at the moment, but I’m also downloading the Asus drivers to see if they’re any different.

I tried the 16bit/32bit colour settings but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

It does look as though opengl acceleration is working for both displays, the nvidia software allows you to set the opengl settings independently for each display (and even specific apps).

I’ll try this Asus driver and post back later…

Blender works fine here with nVidia DualView on a GeForce 4 Ti 128.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
Do you stretch the blender window across both monitors? Originally I found that Blender went a bit sluggish as soon as Dual View was enabled but now it only happens if I stretch the window to the second monitor.
Also, is the GF 4 Ti more powerful than the FX5200? (I suspect the 5200 is a budget version, like my old GF MX440)

The Asus driver didn’t make any difference (I think it was all just Nvidia DLLs with some Asus logos on the propertty pages anyway).