Dual Proceesors and Yafray-0.0.7

An important notice to all those using Dual Proceesors and Yafray-0.0.7

I sent this email to Alejandro Conty (developer of Yafray)

Firstly, great work with YAFRAY. I do however have a question. I have
dual Opteron 246s, (Win2K) and increasing the number of processors in
Blender seems to have no affect at all. Only 50% of the systems
resources are used and the times are exactly the same. Am I doing
somthing wrong? Thanks for the help in advance.

This was his reply

That feature is temporary disabled, sorry. Have to finish some stuff
to make it work. Hope to fis it soon.


If you want to processor tab to do anything at all, you must use yafray-0.0.6-2 rather than 0-0.0.7. Only when using this older version of yafray will both your procesors be used. Using two processors will cut your render times in half.

I repeat, setting Yafray to 2 processors in version 0-0.0.7 will do absolutly squat. It will still only run one thread, and use only one CPU. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks. I’m still running a 450 mhZ PIII, which really sucks because my models are getting more complex than my computer can handle. Rendering even a small (~1850 faces) scene with AO 16 samples takes nearly 90 minutes. Oh well. Next month I’ll be getting a new one…