Dual screen Displayport not working

Hi Guy’s,

What a night and i am beyond frustrated since pluging my Dell U2312hm to the rtx 2060 displayport is not working, my second monitor pluggin via hdmi work fine but my main stay black.

I saw a thread where a guy mention that we have to select via Dell menu to use the DP as the main connection mode here the copy paste ;

Problem might not lies with the DP cable for Dell LCD monitor.

Some model of Dell monitor with DP required the user to select DP in the OSD menu to use DP as input source, failure to do so will result in black/blank screen.

Kindly check what’s the current video input source on the Dell monitor before you go Cybermind to bang table.

Problem is i cannot access this menu since screen is black and i cannot connect to card via dvi since the card has only DP and hdmi!


Maybe pressing F8 on start up to get troubleshoot start up mode.
Just somehow have to get computer start at troubleshoot mode.

Thank but i finally got it to work with a DP to dvi cable and i strongly suspect my old Dell DP to not be compatible with recent DP on video card or even could be defective and i never knew since i never use it.