DUAL screen in blender???

ive been thinking about going dual screen, and was wondering if blender would be able to use both screens for views… will it?

Short answer: Yes, it works nicely, thank you.
Long answer: The specifics of making it run in dual screen vary from OS to OS and graphics card to graphics card… so any info you can post about your machine would help…


simply spread blender across both windows, and create a window setup [in blender] which works well with that

the displays don’t have to be the same resolution, but on some platforms the window can only be as high as the smallest display [macs I believe].

also, some systems and graphics cards don’t allow opengl acceleration on both displays [simultaneously]. this may depend on operating system and driver version as well.

I’m running a WinXP box with dual flat panels (1280x1024 each). I set up the left side as a solid 3D view. The right panel has the User properties at the top, 2 button views (on across the left, the other across the bottom), and then a dedicated camera view. Most of my modeling/editing takes place on the left, and I watch my progress on the right.

If you can manage it, I highly recommend it.

Right now, I’m saving my pennies for 2 Samsung 23" wide screen flat panels (1920x1200) and a gfx card to push them…


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Wow … that’s alot of pennies :wink:

Spreading out the window across the two screens works for me as well. However I have found problems with the UI in dual screen. This happens with pop-up menus. The areas that are drawn over by the popup buttons seem to have a streched version of the underlying image. You can see the effect here.

System specs: Windows XP Professional, AMD 2500+, ATI 9600 Pro 128MB All-In-Wonder, Catalyst Version 04.7.

But other than that I’m happy that I can do it in dual screen. It probably won’t bug me enough that I’ll never do it but it’s enough that I havn’t yet.

I always get an enlarged wire grid for the 3d view, but yea, same things

win xp sp2, radeon 9600se, catalyst 4.10 [iirc], amd 2000+…

I was considering mentioning it on the blender.org forum or something, but it isn’t really a serious issue and I didn’t know if it was just my machine

[oh, and it only happens when blender spans both displays enough, it doesn’t happen if it merely goes over the border onto the second display, it nearly has to reach entirely across both of them]

my left display is 1280x1024 and right is 1024x768

radeon 9600se, cat 4.11 blender 2.35…only 1 issue:
when spanning over 2 screens the boundary select doesn’t work with
“clipping with depth buffer” active…
boundary select works fine without CDB active.

I’ll have to try that

if that doesn’t work then perhaps selecting a color when vertex painting by right-clicking will be the same way