dual screen

Hi all
I just installed blender on my dual screen system running Linux FC2. How do I get blender to use both screens. It seems that the interface is expanded to both screens but all I see is one.

Hope anyone can help. Looking forward testing blender


What I would do is window it and then stretch it across my desktop.

But I have a Windows system. And even then, it will not even go more than half-way across my monitors. I think that Blender does not officially support a Multi-monitor setup.

Can anyone prove me wrong? Please? lol

On linux, I find that starting blender by ‘blender -w’ allows the windowmanager to add borders to the window. This can then be stretched across my dual monitor setup. (And as I use KDE, I can first hide the borders (Alt-F3 -> Advanced) and then resize (Alt-F3)