dual xeon 3,2

i’ ve recently put my hands on a dual xeon 3,2 64 bit machine.
i would like to use all the cpu power to render using blender, it is possible?

i’m planning to have both linux 64bit and win (32…) on this machine so don’ t worry about the os.

i’ve noticed that selecting yafray as render engine i can choose “number of processors” is this really working?
doesn’ t the blender engine have a similar option?
thank you

Yes and Yes. For Blender choose ‘threads.’ And it works with 0.0.8 of Yafray.

however, xeons are made for integer performace [running as a server, not as a render node], not float… so you might actually render faster on a much cheaper computer [say a pentium D or athlon 64 system]…