Dublicated Objects share shame IPO.

When I dublicate an object with ipo animation the new object shares the animation of the old one.
I first thought that the solution will be inside outliner but I cannot even remove the linked ipo object.
What I was trying to do was simple. I got two gears and I wanted them to rotate. As you may know the conected gears rotates to the oposite direction. So I just created the first gear and then rotated it. Then I dublicated it and changed the IPO of the second gear to be oposite. Sadly the IPO is a shared IPO so the gears still rotate to the shame direction.

To tell you the trouth my bigest suprise was that I wasn’t able to delete the conection curve in the outliner. I searched as I believe that the solution is in ouliner for tutorials but nothing came out.

I know that I can dublicate the gear before the animation and make separated animations but my request is the other technincks that will help in a more complex animations.

if you want a duplicated object to NOT share the same IPO as original, then all you need to do is…

after duplication of object, select new object, goto IPO window. Locate datablock along bottom - to the right of the name, there should be a number - this shows how many objects are sharing the IPO. To make your object have its own unique datablock, click this number, and then select single user from popup box. Now you can invert relevant ipo to make cog go other way. or do whatvere without affecting the original objects ipo.

hope that makes sense - i think it answers your question.