Dubstep Hide and seek [Roksonix remix] video clip

Made by me in blender, small after touches in video editors (not major)

Enjoy!! (1080p)

Oh and critique on it would be lovely. Chose the space theme because of the image on the original video (linked in description).

Its pretty basic blender wise but I think it turned out well!


I believe you have a really good concept, but I really think maybe if you added a bit more into the video you could make it a lot interesting. Possibly use some particle effects and add something a little more visual or trippy. But gratz on the good video mate, keep up the good work.

Thanks Kain,

Yes I was thinking about adding all that, but it ended up that I wanted to keep it less magical (fantasy) more … well, a more realistic space feeling (besides the planets jumping :), keeping everything bare. As well another motive was I didn’t want to detract from the song, only accompany it, and with flashing stuff all over the screen I thought it might.

Thanks anyway for your constructive criticism though!