ducati 998 ;)

from the wip forum https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27580&start=0

the final render:

what do you think?


wow, these are very nice models, though the renders have too much noise in my opinion. also the rims dont seem to be as shiny as they should be.

very good models.
IMO, the way you shot it doesn’t give strength to the picture. don’t shoot your models from up unless you’ve got a reason to. (like showing a weak character for instance). And why don’t you put them in an environment? You can make you renders as realistic as possible, it won’t look realistic on a white background.
Keep it up.

Because of the noise it´s not soooo realistic. But the models are great… Wow good work :o :smiley:

really cool models
i like that pic :slight_smile:

Wow, they look very good! I’m a fan of these italian beauties and I think you did a great job with this model.

I only think that the scene looks a bit crowded with the two bikes positioned so close side by side - it looks more like they are standing in a storehouse than in a showroom. I would show one bike per image or position them opposite to give them more room. And I think the original Ducati colours are a bit warmer.

nice !!,

i can’t imagine how you can make something like that!!

well done, maybe some different camra angles will be better though,

yay you finnaly finished it dude, looks awesome :wink: . some more shots ? :smiley:

The noise isn’t very prominant. You could get the same amount of–or more–noise with digital photography, depending on lighting conditions and the way its shot. I don’t think this level of noise detracts from the realism of the image.

Of course, then again, I am viewing these on a high resolution monitor, so perhaps the smaller pixel size makes it stand out less on my monitor.

Wow, that’s impressive.
I’d say, the noise, as stated before, is the smallest problem, as well as the environment. These are littlce changes which can be done afterwards - after making such a great model. Everything seems to fit, I wish I had such modelling skills too =D

Very nice. I only partially agree concerning the noise, noise is an important part of digital photography. The problem is actually, as I see it, with the kind of noise that you have. Your noise screams CG. What I would do, and this is only me, is render one with no noise (which can be accomplished with judicious use of the YafRay GI cache settings) and then go into my favorite image editor and add the appropriate level of noise, and of the variety that I desired.

Great models. My my. I also agree about the chrome surfaces. Perhaps you should bump up the raymir value (if it has any) and try lighting it with a .hdr probe.

Beautiful. Please update it!

I respect your skills very much. I think you could work on the texture of the seat a little bit (it looks like smooth rubber right now) and the tire treads seem to disappear, almost like their going bald. Also, I’m not much of a motorcycle person, but shouldn’t there be brake pads like in cars? You did a great job on the glass and mirrors though. Overall, a very strong piece that is of much higher quality than a lot of the work here in the forums.


Great work with modeling. Would love to see it in some scene or action :wink: .


This is a stronger model now because of the shiny red paint on the wheel. Anything with a dull reflection appears “plastic” and therefore “screams CG.”

The placement of the model seems odd. Why would a shot of a very fast motor-cycle have the bike going away from me, and why would it be on a kickstand?

What kind of room has a perfectly-blank floor? Would not a photographer put it, say, on a nice reflective tile floor with a black-and-white checkerboard pattern?

A photographer would also light the scene for maximum “punch.” She’d want to get strong specular highlight lines that define the shape of the object. She’d also want to light in such a way as to give the bike personality, sex-appeal. To convey its sense of power, speed, and ability to attract members of the opposite sex. :smiley:

Light it and pose it and frame it that way. “Give me a photograph that attracts young men who want to attract young women!”

wonderful modeling, but you have to work on texturing before considering it realistic.

Maybe this tut I’ve found (sorry, for MAX, but you can transpose it to Blender) can help:

anyway, a very nice picture! :slight_smile:

very very cool! i love that bike…

i think the black one could be blacker tho.

I’ve found also a good comparison rendering:


What kind of room has a perfectly-blank floor? Would not a photographer put it, say, on a nice reflective tile floor with a black-and-white checkerboard pattern?

Heeheehee. This cracks me up. :smiley:

Nice pic. Really good modelling there. I agree some more angles would be nice so we could appreciate more your great job. A simple environment might help punch up the reflection, but It’s good as is.

Can I ask how many verts, faces and objects there were in the scene?