Ducati Biposto sport classic 1000

Hi, Volden is here and I`m going to model this bike:

My first steps:


Looking good, nice to see a bike in here. :slight_smile:


Looks great so far, thread subscribed! :slight_smile:

This is looking real good so far, nice job and keep it up!

Also may I ask where to find that metal matcap you are using? It looks very nice.

This is one of the standard matcap previews, included in Blender

Nice progress, quite ambitious !

Great work so far! keep it up, I will be watching this thread.

Yes, great work !
Full of details, this is interesting :slight_smile:

I find all these hard surface projects really fascinating! nice work.

Upper part of a_pillar. Unfortunately I havent enough time to work on this model, so its progress seems to be slow (


Wow! Such detailed work.

Really coming along wonderfully.

Thanks a lot, guys!

Almost finish to model the levers block

Damn, very nice modelling here. Can’t wait the next step. Would you share a wireframe of brackets ? BTW congrats.