Ducati Desmosedici RR

This is my new project:)
Comments please!:slight_smile:

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Love it! :slight_smile:

more info please?

Modeling 1 weeks and texturing 2 days and lighitng,rendering 1 days.
Made of internal render in Blender. If you still want to be able to write it down

I would like to see some tread on the tires, at least something subtle. The material on the metal body needs to have a sharper specularity. Well done otherwise.

Really amazing details in the model, crazy design! well done =)

Keith M
I want flat tire…I liked it soft specularity:) Thankyou
Thankyou I’m happy to see it:):slight_smile:

don’t lie this very old model

ligate ducat cigarettes.

Since this is a finished project, I won’t offer too many comments. It’s a great looking model, could use a few tweaks, but it’s great. My only real comment is - when did Ducati stoop to the level of putting Bridgestone sponsorship stickers on their product? That logo would be fine if this was a race bike with sponsorship logos everywhere… but to me this looks like a showroom display.


desmocedici rr is race version idiot.

So it comes straight from the factory all decorated up with sponsor’s logos?

Funny, I didn’t notice that cheap logo on the ducati website

Also a bit funny that an Italian bike company would put a Japanese tire company logos on their products when Pirelli produces a better product and is based in Italy.

That’s kind of like saying, “hello, welcome to our traditional Italian restaurant, could I interest you in some sushi?”

Thanks for the laugh… :evilgrin:


its ridiculous to use the ducati official website to try and prove this.
of course they cannot show it.

quote from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ducati_Desmosedici_RR

It also included enough sponsor stickers to fill both sides of the bike.

and some people are more open minded and less racist than you and do not have a problem with a japanese company.
the same page you linked also says that bridgestone tyres are used. its the ONLY tyre supplier in motogp.
why would then they put pirelli logo?
pirelli is nowhere in the bike tyre department. maybe on your playstation.

in your face:-:evilgrin:

model looks spot on! but it looks like the ducati logo on the side would benefit from being tilted slightly so it will follow the flow of the bike

I offered my opinion and if you don’t like it that’s fine, but I fail so see why that should invoke this kind of behaviour…


haha… calm down kids :stuck_out_tongue: ps. i love reading forum arguments

haha…edited your post.LOL.

ps: maybe a was a bit rude in that last line.

I have to agree with that, they can be a great source of comedy.

Thanks for the laughs,