Ducati - Il Bisbetico Domato

This project has finally come to an end. Final images and animation here:

It all started with this great post by Andreas Ezelius - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zz1g2

As I really love design and bikes especially I knew I had to do something similar.
A bit later I decided to loosely base my concept around Ducati Panigale 1199. So I can keep the engine position and just design exterior.

But before that I sketched over Andreas’ render to see what I can come up with. I really didn’t want to model the engine at that time!:spin: So thats what I came up with:

Then I started to block out some shapes in blender, around Andreas’ model again:

At this point I realised that something is completely wrong with it. So I started to actually try and design this thing better:

I thought I’d go for more of a sport bike feel. With a stance where your chest is laying close on a gas tank.

More modeling:

At this point I’ve been wandering around internet and realised that at some point I will need to texture this. I had to learn about UV unwrapping, but most importantly I stumbled upon Substance Painter. I think its a great software that allows me to do pretty much exactly what I want with little input. I still don’t know a lot of it.

As a test of skills in new software I modeled, unwrapped and textured this shock ( which I already posted earlier ):

Some more sketching around, trying to find some interesting shapes, but it doesn’t really satisfy me::no:

I think here was a breaking point, I realised that I’m lying to myself and the soul of the motorcycle is missing here. It just doesn’t look right. So I went on my favourite sites such as Pinterest, Bikeexif, etc etc and realised that what I’m missing is the engine and the overall feel. That’s where I changed the direction quite a bit and decided to go for more classic look, as well as added Ducati’s Superquadro as I found quite a few references of it:

And of course what kind of bike is it if there is not rider. But thats a different story, which I’m scared to think how much sculpting I need to go through:spin:

And so that’s how much progress I have at this point. I’m quite satisfied with the design on a sketch. I still may change a few things here and there especially in a way how frame attaches to the engine, and swingarm. I need to design swingarm better, for now it’s just a placeholder.

OK, for your rider, to start with - get a copy of MakeHuman, its free off the net. Then make your figure in there, you can leave off the hair and use a particle system if you are feeling brave. Chose the Rigify Armature in MakeHuman before you export it and activate Rigify and MakerHuman Add-ons in Blender, then import your export from MakeHuman. Depending on how big yo made the Motorcycle, you may need to scale the rider - do this by scaling the Root bone of the Rigify Armature and keyframe it. Then pose the rider.

Model is looking nice except for the kinks in the exhaust pipe - should these really be there?

Cheers, Clock.

Few updates. Nearly done modelling the engine.

really nice!!!

I must say… that is some insane modeling on the engine. Great work.


Thanks guys, appreciate.

Another little preview showcasing some horrible topology on untextured model. Almost done guys, almost done.:eyebrowlift:

Finally the engine is mostly finished.

And a shot of everything I have so far. Still long way to go. I’m not happy with swingarm - it gotta go. Also the seat will be longer… 2 seater eventually. Plus I’m not sured about the tires. It’s the 2nd time I’m changing them but I kind of like dirt-bike type.

Established the frame and gas tank shapes. Got rid of old swing arm.

Updated the headlight and fork clamp.

Really nice modelling and texturing, keep up the good work!

Cheers, Clock.

Pretty good job so far. And Celentano was a nice touch! :wink: