Duck ANIMATION!!!( at bottom)


Here’s a duck I’ve started modelling. I would appreciate some feedback on my wireframes. Also, I need some help on the materials and texture.

I hope to rig and animate this duck so you take this into consideration when giving your feedback.

Thank you all for the feedback:D


his pupils sure are dilated :smiley:

Well here are some new images, I changed the textures and I slightly modified the mesh near the legs.

Adds to the cartoony effect;)


I added some feathers, eyelids and nostrils.


I’ve made the feathers much less puffy and thanks so much for the C&C, its helped me alot…


Now heres a short video. The animation needs alot of work i know.:o

No comments?..

nice animation.

i would make the wings flap faster. that could look unreal so in that case you could turn motion blur on.
also, i think he watches too short down and he should look in the camera after that.

thanks for the comments marijnator.:slight_smile:
I think my duck would also need some more character.:RocknRoll: I’ll try to play around with the big buck bunny files and study the facial rig.:evilgrin:

anymore C&C anybody?

I decided to further improve the mesh. Any comments?:smiley:


[QUOTE]Originally Posted by AMDBCG
his pupils sure are dilated :smiley:

Adds to the cartoony effect;)[/QUOTE]
looks uncanny
if you’re going for a cartoony effect, may I suggest you reference some well known cartoons :
Look at the eyes, notice the black pupil and the percentage of the eye it takes up
so, might want to shrink the material assignment.

also, try to light using spots - I think you might be using ao - there’s quite a noise on the feather fur.

new update:D The duck has hit puberty kinda, looks more mature:RocknRoll:


Another new update with AO courtesy of Nicktechyguy’s advice.:smiley:


I like it!

I am really digging the model. I didn’t mind the original eyes, but these eyes are good too. Much more "Pixar"y. If I had to critique something I would say it’s the bill and the feet. The bill looks a little too thin for my taste. The feet could use a little more definition and detail. Not too much to make un cartoon like, but a little more to make the feet match the level of detail on the bill. Right now they are obviously pretty low poly.

The lighting on this latest model is very nice.

The wings look too small compared to the body.

the head is massive?