Dude, I need to cut my grass!

after downloading sketchy’s static fur library i thought i would give static particles a go, so i closely observed his .blend soon made my own quite good looking grass, so i decided it would look nice on a scene like this:…

http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/8060/grassfield25pa.th.jpg (sorry for the large file size)

rendered in blender internal

i tried a bit of fake DoF using motion blur, is it any good?

The particles look pretty good. I’m glad my file was of use to you. If you are interested in animating the grass, do a search for some of the work that Calvin has been doing in an attempt to simulate softbodies in static particles using scripts. I believe he has a couple of threads in the animation forum.

I’m not so sure about the DOF. At first I thought it was just blurry particles. Maybe a little less blur would help. Also, I’ve had some luck using the z-blur plugin with particles, but that can be problematic as well.

i sorta like the way the road looks bright and round

well it looks ok.

maybe it’s a question of cpu power or stuff…but I don’t get why people force themselves to use static particles for such big field of grass.

Static particles won’t be casting shadows on teh ground and on themselves as real grass would do. This give the impression your field of grass is -flat-, without any depth.

I always suggest to use the fiber script which create real meshes which can cast shadows and all. It gives a way better final result in my opinion when it comes to huge field of grass like this…

thanks for the reply. I wasn’t trying to go for realism here, i was just merely trying static particles to see if it could be of any use if i ever need it, but i see your point about using fiber.