Dude, Killer Suit!

this model has been stuck inside my head forever, and i have finally taken the time to make it for my portfolio…it will be simple to rig, and it will eventually feature guns and more fine tuning.


Well its very good!!!
Why im the first ‘responcee’ im not sure.
Can we see a wire mesh?
Great Work Man

Why you’re the only one, I’m not sure either. Well. Good job Terrence, although materials could be better and it’d be nice if we could see it from a few more angles.

how long did it take to model/sculpt it?
yes as FloorPlay said : can we see a wire mesh?

The fingers really ruins this for me. I like the overall model but those hands need some TLC. Also the right foot of the model looks different than the left foot. I assume you are not modeling with any mirror modifier.

Obviously not mirrored zanz
As stated by Floor Play. Wire Mesh would be great.

the boots are not mirrored :slight_smile: the right boot was an attempt to sculpt the whole thing, as was one of the heads, but decided sculpting is a great way to sketch, then redo with proper topography. here are some more angles, and with some guns that need work…i agree about the hands, those are sculpted sketches at the moment.


here is a wireframe…it is hard to see though, cuz some of the meshes are sculpted and some are not as of right now.

better hands so far…the original was just a sketch (i found that sculpt is pretty good for that)

Can’t see the pictures of the wireframe. Great job so far.

crap i’ll try to fix that

looks pretty sick…but its too complicated…style wise