Dude :o !!

(sten) #1

I played around with Armaturesettings an ended up with this dude,
couldn’t resist to model him, this took less than 30 min model in its current status:

I will animate him in cartoonlike way when I got the model finished, and that wouldn’t take long :slight_smile:


(paradox) #2

nice start. I like the legs and feet. model the hands and head in that style would be nice. Can’t wait to see it animated.


(S68) #3


You have still an open Alien WIP! Don’t disperse energies :smiley:

Hehe, cool! I slill have to try to really animate something…


(sten) #4

yes I know…I will model him too as well…but this dude was quickly done…but it is hard when inspiration fails as about the humanoid/alien WIP :slight_smile: