Dude, this is Sah-Weet!!!

ITsa holidays tribute to all the electricians out there… Just kidding, its a house wired to the sound of music and an FM broadcaster that reaches about 300 yards.


Have fun!

Happy holidays!!!


(PS, first post in this forum, I hope it is suitably off topic)

this belongs in Focused Critique.

man, i wonder what the electricity bill is for that person…

OMG that is emotional.

sooooo good. sooooo soooo good.

great music selection also. just stunning.


lol. How. :o I’d guess the electric bill isn’t as bad as all that since the lights are off most of the time and the audio is a simple broadcast, no amps. But, woof, I’d hate to live next door. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll go outside right now and remove my 4 strings of lights.


Somebody should give that guy an award. Freaking cool stuff! :smiley:

When I was growing up, we’d sometimes have about twice that amount of lights on our house (of course, we rarely had time to synchronize the whole display to music ;)). When we turned the porch light on, we always tripped the breaker.

Hehe indeed a kick-ass movie, hehe. It would be cool to make my house light like that for fun. :smiley:

Kind of old, I’ve seen this posted in other forums alot.

But awesome nonetheless.

If anyone’s interested, here’s a little more information about it.

From the link above
[Pauly Shore voice] Light-O-Rama [/Pauly Shore Voice]


Under 1K U.S. (just in case one would ever need to flag a passing airliner).