DUIK plugin for Blender!

DUIK, a character rigging tools for After Effects is coming to Blender!!


No video? on this demo? I know the addon on AE.

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Whoa, that came out of nowhere… Really cool! I’ve tried out Duik before and some of its tools are a part of my AE workflow.

But… what does Duik coming to Blender mean exactly, I wonder? Because, unlike AE that has no rigging capabilities (and that’s primarily what Duik seeked to remedy), Blender already has a rigging system in place… so I’m curious what Duik is aiming to do.

I gather from the hash tags that maybe the focus will be in streamlining creating cutout rigs (like COA Tools?) with maybe stuff like the automated walk cycle generator. But knowing what Duik is in After Effects, it might also mean misc. ingenious tools that’ll make rigging/animating in Blender easier. Whatever the case, this is exciting!

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