Duion.com - CC0 textures

Just wanted to announce my open source textures site.

I’ve noticed that there is not many resources for open source compatible textures out there, I decided to solve that. At least I had a lot of trouble, when I started learning modeling with blender, since free open source material for textures was very rare, so I started creating my own archive. I decided to share my work, so there is an open source equivalent to the commercial texture sites, for those who prefer open source. All content on my site is licensed CC0 (Public Domain) so it is free for any use.

You can find the textures at: http://www.duion.com/art/main
Click on the categories on the left for the pictures.

If you also want to contribute something, you can contact me, then we will see, but you should have some experience, since I want to keep a fairly high quality throughout the site, you also have to agree with the license, since there is no other choice.

Feedback and requests are welcome.

Just had a quick look. Looks like a promising resource. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

Very nice!

Cool resources, some of the photos will need to have colour adjustments/lighting adjustments but seems useful. I’ll definitely use them for painting as well. I think my only critique is that the design of the site could use a little bit of love. Feels very 90’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise awesome site.

Welcome to the 90’s then :wink:

Yes, there is just raw material so far, but as you know editing them takes a lot of time, too much for me alone, this is why others take money for it, but I did not want that since it will not be compatible to open source then.
The problem is also, in which way you want to edit them, I tried a lot of pre-edited textures so far, but noticed most did not fit my needs or they have not been tested in real projects.
Sure most want seamless, but the usefulness of this is limited also, seamless is only useful for big levels or bigger buildings, small models can be directly painted and the texture will make itself seamless on the UV map.
And then there is the problem that if you edit them for a purpose, it will be adjusted in some way to the graphics engine you use.
But there will be seamless textures and full materials later also.

I don’t care what the site looks like. these are a great contribution to the community, so thank you. Appreciated.

A great collection, thanks for sharing!

wow! you sir, deserve a beer!


Cool start, always in need of more resources, thanks a lot!

Looks cool. A really useful feature would be if in the thumbnail view it had the resolution of the image so you don’t have to click through to it to see if it’s big enough for your needs.

If I get time later I’ll look out some textures I’ve made in the past and DM you.

The Images are all similar size, all around 10 Megapixels. The preview is there to save traffic, since the images are all a few megabytes in size, it would be a waste to download the full image each time someone clicks. It is designed that you only download what you really need.

Thank you :smiley:

For just pure photos there is also…



as well.

Sorry, I didn’t mean that it would be the full resolution used for the thumbnail - just that underneath the image name it would say in text “2000x2000 (3MB)” or whatever so you know the size of the full image. This is also how it is on CG Textures.

There is a lot public domain sites for photos, but I could not find one focused on textures.
They are all around 3MB, so would it really be necessary?

This is really great! Nice to have a full CC texture site. Very good resource.As a side note, I’ve met some people (noobs mostly), who seem to think seamless textures are the only type of textures fit for 3D use. This is wrong. Texture artists (non-n00bs) are able to make their own seamless textures using “raw” resources from photos and such, but having a good “base” image to start from is invaluable. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Not so much the file size, but when I am hunting around for textures sometimes I want it to be a certain minimum resolution which will vary depending on where it is going to be used. Like for something far away I’d be happy with 1000x1000 but for a close-up the biggest size I can find at least 2000x2000. If all your images are roughly the same size then I guess people will know what to expect, but personally I would find it useful to know at a glance from the thumbnail view.

The photos are all for at least 2000x2000 textures, some may be a little less because of wide formats.