Duk! Duk!

Here is DukDukWIP -8! My first game.
There is still a LOT to do as I’m learning as I go.


VERSION 8 (four levels to play!) posted 17/1/8


And HERE’s some gameplay on YOUTUBE


GR8! Love your style! Keep working on this one! Fine models and textures. Working on your project is the best way to learn the BGE.

Wow, the style, textures, models and lighting looks great to me. Can’t wait to play it !

“I am a director of animation for Iloura Post Production in Melbourne, Australia.
I have been animating for 20 years and writing for the past 6.”

Wow…at last a proffesional to show some first class production.
I’m sure this game will be…one of the most amaizing games made with blender.


Wow you are truely a talented artists, if you need any help with scripts give us a shout.

Absolutely quality stuff, although I’m a bit bored of cartoon style games made with BGE, but I understand they’re easier for this old engine.

Wow, amazing, absolutely amazing. I love the art and especially the style.

Jason Lin

Wow thats great! :slight_smile: Love it.

I love the level design! Sweetness keep up the good work.

The ground looks a little stretched in places…

I love the lightmapping. Looks amazing!!! Can’t wait for(if there will be) a demo.

Great level design! It could use background (skybox, terrain, ect), but has a really good feel to it!


Nice work! Looks like you’ve got modeling and texturing down. Hope to see more soon = )

Truly amazing! Keep up the good work!!!


It just keeps getting better. Can’t wait to see everything in action. Keep it up!

I guess its just the box around the level, but it seems underwater…? Great stuff tho, really good lookin. poly count on the level?

Yes, there is A LOT to do. i have a sky box but have kept it out of the screen shots as i was unhappy with it. The textures are very much a WIP as I’m nailing the game play as I go and don’t want to put too much into the textures and then decide to rebuild the level design.

My focus for the game demo is polished graphics and slick animation These are the skills I hopefully have to offer in lieu of me not being able to program at all. :slight_smile:

I’ll post a demo soon (which could be months knowing my idea of ‘soon’)


Great stuff!!!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Started on my skybox today. Thought I’d post a small section of it.



woah, that looks great :slight_smile:

I couldn’t do anything like that in a million years

Best… sky… box… ever…!!!

Great stuff all round. Btw did you know that the SVN builds of blender allow you to see textures in edit mode? Makes texturing so much easier.