Duke 2.5 Goes down

Well, after a lot of work in the WIP forum, I think the ship is finally pretty much done.

Here it is. Crashing.

Have a good life! :slight_smile:

Quality work dude! :slight_smile:

I just love the lightsettings and postpro…makes it all look like million bucks!

Killer render! Liking this shot alot!


you definately deserve a cookie man. that is totally awsome

well I like the render,

but the front, in my humble opinion, kind of kill the whole design.While everything is extremely detailed and very cool looking, the front have weird shape and isn’t well modelling imo. It’s doesn’t fit really well with the other pieces around and yea, its shape looks kinda “smooth/soft like”. Also, the front/upper air intake is shaped like you just select a subsurfaced squarish face and extruded inward which create a weird elipse and doesn’t look very pratical as an air intake.

I hope you don’t take this wrong because this is a really cool render, the back of the ship and the engines are totally kick ass. But the front, I dunno, I don’t think it fits really well.

Aye, I agree. THe front was gonna be a temp thing, but then I got lazy and never changed it.

I think I will, cause yeah. It just looks like a bunch of subdiv stuffs, and really doesn’t match.

I think the ship design is incredible.
Simply professional.
Though, I think you have a lot of work to do on that burning engine.
The smoke and the fire,hmm… don’t buy it.
Too blurry compared to the ship and it doesn’t seem connected.
I don’t see any damage, no parts flying around.
You could use pictures from explosions and softly clone pieces of it on top of the engine and try to darken places where there was an explosion.

HOLY S#@T what a render :o :o :o :o post it at renderosity and see if you can get into 3Dworld’s gallery :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

once again well well well well well well DONE :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Man, I was following this one for a while and I have to say you did an excellent job with this render. Now just finish up those animations and everything will be all right. lol.

Fantastic render and post work.

The lack of motion blur on the turbines kills it for me here. And I too have to agree with Ecks. Sorry.


beautiful work brother!

Have you ever watched firefly? It reminds me a lot of serenity. Anyway, I looked at you gallery and the images are very impressive indeed, despite a lot of them being made with bryce :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, keep it up.

Looks totally cool. Must of got a bird in the intake somewhere. They can bring down jumbo’s aswell. I’m sure it was much less random then that?? I think it looks awesome.

A few things to concider from a flight characteristics thing.

Starboard engine loss: A few things are going to happen.

1- Pilot will cut back on the port engine to compensate for the loss of power on the other side. This however will not keep the craft from turning to starboard. This in turn will cause the plume of smoke to be moving away from the starboard engine to the rear and to the right as the craft turns right.

2- This crafts engine loss will also cause it to pitch down and to the right (yaw and roll). Both the engine loss and cutting back of power plus the engine being it’s primary lift. This will also cause it to dive to some extent. Perhaps the pilot could recycle the engine exhaust from the other engine over to this one or the rear engines can also act as lift up front to a point.

3- This damage could propogate through the engine to effect the systems on the other engine (fuel pumps and hydrolics aswell as engine controls). This is one of the reasons the pilot cuts back on the other engine. The damage once started will only get worse over time. Lots of rotating parts will destroy the engine from the inside out. You will most likely see debris from this damage exit the engine itself along with parts big enough to fit through the exhaust ports (or any other wholes opened by the damaged engine).

Depending on the flight systems you employ on the craft (duke) you may be able to cross connect some of the lifting characteristics to perhaps give the pilot some work to do. He’s going to have his hands full I’m sure. If he can’t cross connect his goose is in the fryer for sure. He doesn’t have the lift to do a controled landing. Ejection will be his only way out. If the main body is from a combat craft it will have something like that I’m sure. The duke is going to “park” somewhere though even if the pilot is missing? Looking at it from that angle it makes sence to have the cockpit where it is. It would be a pretty spectacular scene when it’s done if this is a sequence your putting in.

Not nitpicking just adding some thoughts to the animation when you do it.

The ship looks like a rhino now that I can see it from the top - (also the horns upfront) since you’ve called it the duke I’m thinking you have scene the movie Hatari!.

It’s rhino capture scene is a favourite (although I’m a “Born Free” advoquate). I can suspend current thinking with what they were doing at that time in the movie. While keeping them in a zoo protects them. They are nearly extinct now (the black rhino especially anyway). They have had to resort to cutting there horns off to keep potchers from killing them for that reason. While this keeps them safe from the potchers it doesn’t help them against other enemies (or each other). The zoos of today are much different then those of the time of the movie. Now they are more of sanctuary then a jail (I haven’t been to one since I was a kid though - closest one is over 100 miles away). That scene in the movie shows the power of one of these animals (despite it’s less then speedy looks). Built like a tank with legs It looks like it should being millions of years old.

If you haven’t scene ‘Hatari!’ it’s pretty good for a Duke Flick. I don’t have that one myself but I am a fan of John Wayne. I should have got “The Train Robbers” when it first appeared on DVD but I passed (it was a bit pricey at the time) and now I haven’t scene it again. I do have it on tape though. Actor John “Duke” Wayne rant over.

Great model and render. You do splended work. I’ve been to your gallary on Renderosity and your renders are top notch. Looking forward to your next ship.


Great image! The only nitpik I had that jumped out at me was the strange reflection on the cockpit window (see below). Doesn’t seem to fit the lighting there - almost looks like something pasted over what was there in postpro…


Heh. yeah, it does look odd. It’s just a reflection of the top of the engine, though. Didn’t touch it in Postpro.

Glad you guys like it :slight_smile:

Ronson… you’re awesome.

Oh. My. Word. :o A fantastic image. The ship’s quite something on its own, but the background definitely takes you there.

The strange reflection–it looks like a bullet-proof window, broken in by an impact but held together by the the flexible layers. I’d say it’s reasonable to expect some broken windows in the situation the ship seems to be in.

Overall, impressive. I wanna be like you when I grow up. :wink:

Great job and nice composition. I have seen the evolution of the model in the WIP and it is really impressive, I like the composition with the ship parked in the street. Keep up with great renderings.

Sweet render man! Hey it would be cool if you popped that cockpit canopy off and added just the bottom edge of the ejection seat ejecting.

This would leave a nice rooftop landing to our imaginations.

awesome work dude :smiley: oh and can u post a link to its wip.

Awsome stuf dude was it renderd internaly?

i do agree with Ecks in some ways. However i like the front part of the ships design but its not as detaild as the other parts.

Yeah, front part could use some work, and yes, it was rendered internally (never really figured out yafray)

Here’s an animation!!!

Sorry, it’s a yousend it thing

And yeah, the test was really only a test of the motion tracking, not of the animation, so forget about the little bump at the end :wink:

Here’s the WIP thread for ya