DulceMaria - Mexican teenage actress/pop idol singer (lowpoly for realtime)


My third model of her by far…
Best suited for realtime…

Comments and critiques welcome…


When I saw the title I thought it was related to this game I saw a long time ago, where she shoots like lasers, or something, at robots.

You meant this: (changed img tags;)http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/1933/dulcefinalpc5.png

Thanks Jogai!!!

Yes, its the same girl of the first DulceMaria Crystal Space demo. I am her fan. And i hope to have an evolved version of the 7 turrets level too, in the finished game.

Oh, I look forward to seeing it, I’m a Crystal Space user also.

Very very nice! Great job while paying attention to detail with clothes and skin tone!