dull coffee machine

i thought this coffee machine was going to be easier, like 2-3 days work, but i got some 3 weeks of pains. I forced myself to avoid subsurfs to get the real feel of shapes, and sometimes i felt tempted to throw in some 4level subs and lots of creases to end the torture. Happily i resisted, but still it got like 24k vertices. I felt very liberal about throwing in loops.

There are still a lot of issues left here and there, and the render is a pre-sub-beta, but finally i got something half showable, and quite easy to improve :slight_smile:

The goal now is a decent breakfast scene, with tray, cups and whatnot.


Nicely done! I know what you mean about the use of subsurf: sometimes it can be a cover up for sloppy modeling or poor geometry. If my efforts look okay with Set Smooth then I’m a happy person.