dulpi verts, faces, etc as a modifier?

i was thinking it would be great if the duplication functionality was turned into a modifier.
one case where i use it often is creating rivets etc. but i use a mirror modifier on the object i’m using as a parent and the rivets don’t appear on the mirrored faces until i apply the modifier.
any opinions or suggestions on a better way to do it?

+1 !!!
GREAT idea. Can hardly believe I haven’t seen this brought up before, or thought of it myself.

really, it makes more sense as a modifier given blender’s current workflow paradigm. still having it under the object properties tab is quite a throwback to the “2.4x way”.

Couldn’t you get the same functionality from using a particle system? :slight_smile:

I guess the first thing to do would be to flesh-out your idea into something that :cool: The Implementors (Ommmmm…) :cool: could somehow turn into C/C++/Python code.

“Okay, you’ve got your thirty seconds of fame: what would you do, and how would it work, as perceived by the animator and/or the graphic artist? (For the time being, never mind the geeks. If the idea makes it through the first round, so to speak, we’ll get to the second round later.)”

One great way to proceed is to, in this thread, spell out in detail exactly what you are trying to do, exactly how you are now trying to do it, and then, “wouldn’t it be so k-e-w-e-l … if only” :wink: Blender could do [the following]. Then, with whatever ego you may have firmly put away out of sight, sit back and watch what happens next!