dumb 2002 the summer edition

(dotblend) #1

hello dutchies please leave your name here if you would like to participate in the dutch blender usermeeting (dumb)
date is still unknown, and so is location… (but we are busy with sara tho)

(Goofster) #2

/me raises hand

DUH :slight_smile:

I will contact everyone in the dutch usergroup about this.

(LarstiQ) #3

Aye, I’m game.
If SARA could be arranged that would really rock, so keep on bugging them :wink:


(wewa_juicyb) #4

/me lifts hand.
I hope that we can get it done before the end of my school vacation though (that would mean like before 5sept or something, I don’t know when school starts)… but yes, count me in. It’s a good way to get over this summer vacation Blender-withdrawl sickness I’m suffering from.


(FraceR) #5

Count me in.


(@ce) #6

/me raises it…er…i mean my hand

(tracer) #7

Ik ben wel van de party :smiley:

(Stungun) #8

and what would a user meeting be without the Stungun being present :stuck_out_tongue:
count me in, you guys!

  • Stungun

(leondroog) #9

Count me in to, I hope not the coming two weeks though, i’ll be in France then.