DUMB DUMB Stupid newb question....lol

OK Im checking out blender and going through the quick start guide. However it tells me to select my sphere or even Unselect it and do (whatever)

Well I can select it I guess cause its going from yellow to a purple but after that I can never unselect it or anthing else but stay in that mode.

Doesnt matter what buttun I click my cross hair cursor only moves and thats it.

God this program is the most confusing thing…no offense to blender lovers but since its open source as anyone made a better GUI???

Click here for the user guide. :slight_smile:

Click here for the part on selecting objects. :slight_smile:

You’re in edit mode (default for new added objects). Hit Tab to go into object mode then you can either:

  1. RMB (right Mouse Button) select another object
  2. Hit B to box-select it.
  3. Hit A repeatedly to select and deselect all objects (including camera etc)

Look in my sig for a file called “Basic Training” and get your blend on.


try a-key. It deselects everything. Also holding down the shift key and pressing the right mousekey upon the sphere you have… That should help.

It might be confusing in the beginning… keep trying :slight_smile:


If you want to deselect something do shift-right-click. Normally you just switch between active objects, though.

Only the left-click moves the cursor, right-click selects objects and middle-click rotates. shift-middle-click strafes and mouse-wheel zooms along with ctrl-middle-click.

The controls take a bit of getting used to if you come from other 3D apps but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how intuitive it is. Just work through that manual past the Gus tutorial and you’ll get a feel for the program.

Well one thing I can tell right now is this forum seems to have a great community!!!

Kudos on the fast and multiple responses…Unfortunatly for you…you probably sentenced yourself to a ton of newb question that will spew from my fingers in the next couple days…untill I get the hang of it…lol

Just out of curioustiy I wonder how hard it would be to change the GUI if you knew python…I guess if it were easy it would of been done…lol

Why would you want to change the GUI? Much better to learn it and grow comfortable with it. why? because it is the best GUI out there.


Could you check your links please I cant use them as they are no good. :slight_smile:

Modron If you think so thats fine. I am although accustomed to the classic sort of GUI and like it alot. Although Free Is Me so if I wanna change it I better stop modeling and start typing LOL.

The links are working for me.

…and you might want to look at this thread for comments on the Blender interface.

Thats ODD they work for me now as well!!!

I am at work so maybe our router was in and out for a sec.

Thanx for pointing that out. I clicked them 3 times each and got nothin



I felt exactly like this 1 week before… :smiley: