Dumb file location question

:expressionless: Why is it that all of a sudden, every animation that I make with blender is stored in a newly created folder named “render”, instead of saving them where it used to in the folder named “render” that I’ve had on my C:\ for years?? How do I change this back to the default C:\render folder that it used to save to??


You can set the location for the “render” folder under the file&path (2.27) buttons in the Info Window at the top.
Have you changed the the local drive for your blender.exe ?

I’m still using version 2.23 because I’v found the other versions to be even more unstable since I’ve moved to WindowsXP. And, to answer your question, no–I haven’t changed the location of the blender.exe.

For some reason Blender can no longer find that path, then it just opens that c:\render. The path is case sensitive, space sensitive and xp oversensitive. I’ve had the same prob.


the render output directory is in the lower left (mostly) in the display buttons

by default is it \render (from the file containing directory, in the render directory)

you may have removed a slash or something.
change it, and press control+U to save user defaults (do this without one of your files open, with the default plane thing…)

Okay the problem is Windows XP, I had the same problem when setting my python path. What ever folder you were using is buried much further down the file tree now.

You have to specify:

C:/Documents and Settings/Yourusername/wherefolderis etc…

Thanks for all of your help, but I forgot to mention one thing. I’ve been using WinXP since October 2002, and this problem with the saved file locaction just started happening yesterday (6/8/03). :frowning: