Dumb Ops

Hello Blender Community!

This short film shown below was a project that someone and myself worked on to just test a few things and literally made no plot or any type of story when putting this together, hinse the name " DUMB OPS" so if you as the viewer intend to find something other than a good ole shoot em up video with a twist and absolutely no story plot then well… good luck :p. The software used in this production are the following: Blender 2.64, Adobe Premiere CS 5.5, Adobe After Effects CS 5.5, Mocha for After Effects, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Cubase 6.5, EastWest Quantum Leap, Project Sam, Waves, Cine Smaples, Big Fish Audio, Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5. The camera used for this short film was the Canon Rebel T3i ( lovely Camera ). I really hope who ever actually watches this video enjoys this and to keep in mind this had no plot!

I like it. It looks like the good ol boys. I thought they would get the job done.
I tried one time to get the effect breaking, out the rock to get the inset text like in the into/beginning but i could not find a way to do it so well.

thank you, i am glad you liked it!

Funny! I never got around to playing any of the Black Ops games (or much of Call of Duty these days) but I did play too much of the first two Modern Warfare games, so I was able to catch the cut-scene humor at the start.

Were there actually UFO references in Black Ops? Cause I wouldn’t put it pass them. They gotta be pretty bored writing those games by now. Gave you a like on YouTube to even out the dislikes.

Thanks FoundationsofPause!!! I also played the Modern Warfare games but i also play the black ops ones too ( but only multiplayer, never played the campaign lol ). As far as i know there is no reference about UFO’s in the black ops series, but there are zombies lol. Maybe if they watch Dumb Ops they might think about adding a twist LOL! To be honost when we were filming this short film for fun we didnt even have a ufo in it lol and then all of a sudden we decide we needed to include more Blender action and went back outside and filmed a little more LOL. Thank you for the like to even it out on youtube! :smiley:

Ahh, I see. XD

I always made it a point to finish the campaigns (on vet difficulty) before starting with the multi-player, knowing once you start playing competitively with others the single player will be ignored heh. The A.I. is the campaigns sure is boring though, they just stand there and wait to be shot. In games like HALO and FEAR the A.I. hunts you down, much like a human player will do.

Great story there guys :wink:
Very well done and some good acting too.

I liked it, the plot reminded me of something you’d find in a “bad taste” era peter jackson movie, except the gore wasn’t as messy.

Thanks Stevecameron! I amm glad you liked and thanks for the acting part, which might be a first LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Ocyd, the gore was a little messy but it was to make it more interesting and trying stuff out. The reference to a Peter Jackson movie is very awesome to hear, so again thank you!!

Oh I meant it wasn’t as gory as Jackson’s first movies. lol it’s really interesting to see where he started and where he is now. If you’re interested and haven’t seen them yet check out “bad taste” and “dead alive” if you can find them somewhere. Seriously it’s some pretty messed up stuff, but in the most awesome way possible.

ohhh lol. yea ik how gory some of his movies can be but i do like a few of his movies!

This was great and funny. you guys did good for making a story with no plot

Damn I hope you guys stay with it. Animation had some nice effects and was funny, funny, stuff. And, while I liked your lighthouse at the end do you think Ted Turner might have something to say about that? LOL

theoldghost: thank you for your comment, we will do another video but with more time put into it… this was just a quick thing for fun…

Just want to send out a thank you to all who have watched this short film! I really hope you all enjoyed this even the slightest bit! :smiley:

Can you say how you did the intro? The breaking rocks into inset text.

Kazinger - that part was done in after effects, would love one day to recreate it in blender just no time at the moment.

Left a comment on the Youtube.

And I forgot to say, amazing work.

swaschan: thanks for the compliment and i did see your comment on youtube and have emailed you.

please anyone that watches this on youtube, feel free to comment,like ( or unlike if thats how you feel ) and/or subscribe! Thanks again everyone for taking the time and watching this fun quick test project! :slight_smile: