Dumb Q of the day - copy render window to clipboard?

Is it possible without saving the image?

Why would you need to do that?

Just want to capture effect of small changes for easy comparison. So render, copy&paste to paint prog, change, repeat until no hair left :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevermind, I just realised psp has “client area” option. Told yer it was a dumb q!

Something you may not know about (which unfortunately is not very visible/accessible in the interface yet) is the spare render buffer. There are two buffers that you can render into, you can switch between them by pressing J when the render window is selected. So Render your first image into the normal buffer, press J to switch to the spare (it should be black since you haven’t rendered anything into it yet) then render again. You can now flip back and forwards between your two images (in their respective buffers) by pressing J.

Well, I`m not sure if I correctly understand the question, but… hope can help…

  1. Select the render window.
  2. Ctrl PrtSc.
  3. Paste where you want.

Cheers :wink:

@Broken, thanks I did know about the other buffer but I was generating a series of pics while playing with lighting options. Still can’t decide on an efficient set-up for test renders.

@Silgrin, this gives you the whole app window including main blender window (at least it does here on w2k). Capturing just the client area saves you from having to clip out the window border/ tool bar etc.

Anyway, thanks for the replies but psp’s capture options gives me what I need.

Well, it seems to work differently from Win 98 where I can select and screenshot only the renderer window.