Dumb Question: How do you reset the N-Panel settings?


Blender version 2.79B !!!

Say for example [just for example], I royalty screw up the ambient occlusion setting in the N-Panel.
How do I reset the settings to default ?
Control + Z doesn’t seems to work, try it yourself, make some changes to the N-Panel Ambient Occlusion settings and click Control + Z, it will undo something else you do OUTSIDE the N-Panel instead.

So how do you reset the N-Panel without opening another Blender and re-match up the default settings ?

Right click on the values for a menu

It doesn’t work, when I right click and choose “Reset to Default Value”, for example, strength reset to 0.
When I open a new Blender up, default value is 1.
The same is true for distance as well, it resets to 0 while opening a new Blender shows 0.2, this is a big fail.

Yeah in that case you might want to file it as a bug at https://developer.blender.org/ because it should reset to “default factory settings” which seems to be 1 for the strength.

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