Dumb question on Render Saves


Dumb question, but I cannot persuade Blender to actually save a single frame render. If I render multiple frames using the anim button, it puts the files in the folder specified in the F10 render settings. (it also prints a file saved to xxxx line in the console window)
However hitting F12 to do a single render draws to the render screen, but doesnt seem to save the file (no console window print either)

No doubt I am missing something glaringly obvious, any help appreciated please.

   Regards Geoff

Try File\Save Image… (F3). You can set the format in which to save in Format panel found in Buttons Window\Scene(F10).

Alternative is to render to image editor (Buttons Window\Output\Render Display to Image Editor (below Save Buffers!)). Then you can use it to save the output image.

Ya, there’s a bit of an inconsistency between the RENDER and the ANIM button. The ANIM button as you’ve found creates output automatically, while the RENDER (F12) button doesn’t :slight_smile:

You could just change the frame range to output a single image, and still just use the ANIM button … saves having to navigate through the F3/Save Menu each time. The output file names will be named automatically with the frame number appended.



Thanks for the speedy response guys. I spent ages trying to see what I was doing wrong with this, I never noticed the F3 Save image as it shouldnt be needed in this instance.
This is really illogical and crazy, as Blender has at least 2 “Render to file path” menu settings, the implication is that single renders get saved to this filepath.

Oh well at least this makes a change, it’s Blender being incredibly dumb instead of me.:smiley:

I wish they would change this for the next release.


Two minutes spend reading this page would have save you those “ages” :slight_smile:



Render the current frame. An image file is not written by default. (Unlike the ANIM button which does write output image file(s) Use File/Save Image or press F3 to save the image. The image type is controlled by the FORMAT panel.

I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to not RTFM, and trying, things, but if something is not working as expected and you haven’t read the manual … then it’s probably a good idea to do so before wasting time trying to figure it out.


So the animation button automatically save images? 0.o
Does it only save each frame? If it renders and image a ton of times… then I have folders to clear^_^


It needs to, to support the PLAY button. Or even if you have no intention of using the PLAY button, the assumption is that you want to render an animation out to disk :slight_smile:

If you haven’t changed anything in the output it will probably be in /tmp.

I wrote an extensive explanation of what the file names will be (on that same link I just posted), if left to the default or with just a directory name entered, or even with the output boxes left blank.


Alright thanks

In case you ddin’t know, you can just press ALT-A to see an animation, (mouse cursor has to be hovering over the 3d window, …otherwise use SH-ALT-A to ignore the mouse cursor) instead of rendering it with ANIM/PLAY (or use the “VCR” buttons on a TimeLine window).

Of course it won’t look the same as a full render :slight_smile: Good for just checking motion / timing


No, I just mess with setting to learn and I pushed ANIM and it decided to go through 250 frames nonstop.

Do you know how to stop a render once it has begun? I hate if I accidentally press F12

Well now you know :slight_smile:

Press ESC to cancel a render (either single RENDER or multiple ANIM frame(s)).


I love you… in a respective cool dude way:rolleyes: